Wilderness Landscape Photography — The Practicalities of Getting Out There

Have you ever longed for venturing out to confined wild regions to photo the scene yet been crushed by the items of common sense of arriving? Wished you had a helicopter? Thought about how you could climb with a weighty pack and stay outdoors for quite a long time at a time?

Indeed, this Australian novice wild scene picture taker did it. Here’s the narrative of the overwhelming assignment that lay ahead and how I defeated the hindrances.


My child works at Olympic Dam Mine arranged about 90km north of Woomera in outback South Australia, and lives with his better half and little family at Roxby Downs, the town developed to support the mine. He’s a circuit tester, what’s more taking a couple of pictures of electrical establishments, the gigantic apparatus he regularly chips away at, and my granddaughter, has little enthusiasm for photography.

I drove for 21 hours from the Far South Coast of New South Wales, to visit my child and to see this parched desert locale, which has gotten his home for a long time to come.

Open door for Wilderness Landscape Photography

All things considered, the desert is genuinely level and very dull from the outset yet that is not the full story.

With dry salt lakes, myall trees, stone tossed mud dish, and red sand rises, wild scene photography pictures racket for my consideration from Roxby Downs to Andamooka and past to Lake Torrens.

Getting Around the Desert

In any case, how might I get around? Separation is so immense and the nation so unwelcoming. It will slaughter you only for being there on the off chance that you don’t watch out. The family¬†Flat Lay Photography station cart won’t go distant the bitumen. The tracks are so unpleasant, and when it rains in this six-inch precipitation nation, even a 4×4 will stall or slip in the mud soil. It is extremely unlikely I could bear the cost of a 4×4 adequate for the excursion from the coast to the middle and dependable enough to go out alone into that nation. Besides, you wouldn’t take a gorgeous vehicle on those rough, desert tracks.

So I settled on an ATV. That is an “Off-road Vehicle,” “Quad Bike,” “four wheel motorbike.” I can ship it in a trailer behind the vehicle and go to the furthest limit of the street, at that point bounce on the bicycle.

Setting Up The ATV

The bicycle, set up with boxes on the back and front racks, pulls a little trailer. With this arrangement I not just get myself way out past where a 4×4 will abandon an excessive amount of strolling, yet additionally my camera gear, apparatuses, crisis supplies, water, fuel and my camp also. More or less, that is about it.

Exploring the Wilderness Landscape

Route is with a geological guide, compass and GPS. Utilizing the directions from the GPS, I know where I am on the guide which is such a great amount of more straightforward than attempting to recognize far off highlights on a level scene.

For quite a long time, in my extra time, I contemplated the guides, getting the vibe of the geology and geography and contrasting this with the satellite pictures on Google Earth. This way I recognized regions of likely intrigue. It’s astounding how the salt develop in Lake Torrens appears on the satellite pictures affirming what I suspected from the height forms on the geological guide.

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