The Five Golden Rules of Email Marketing

Within just a few years after the internet boomed, email marketing quickly became one of the cheapest and most effective means of marketing. Almost everyone has an email address, and everyone is a market for a product or two. However, as the use of this marketing became prevalent, so with its abuse. There was a time when our emails would be bombarded by an endless parade of useless emails. Email servers crashed and web performance waned with the blasts of emails sent all over the world.

This brought forth some rules of engagement when getting involved in email marketing. Not following the rules means risking being labeled as spam and blacklisted. This incurs additional costs. Normally, the practice of banned entities is to just get a new domain name, new logo and purchase a new set of IP addresses to be used in sending emails. This cycle can get tedious so might and in the end, it will cost less to do it right.

Here are some golden rules to follow when doing email marketing:

1. Email only those who opt-in to get emails: Never ever send unsolicited emails. This is a sure fire way of getting the attention of current emailing guard dogs. Permissions-based email marketing is a perquisite to long-term benefits from marketing via email.

2. Keep your email marketer email1and1 reputation clean: Most everyone use email to market their products and services these days, from National Geographic to reputable banks and everyday food product manufacturers. Of course, there are the sleazier kind of email marketer who pushes Viagra and debt relief on unsuspecting recipients. And between the two, surely we would want to be on the side of good reputation and dependability. Good email marketing reputation starts with who you email and what you email. The people on your email list should have opted into your email campaign first. At the same time, they should belong to your target market, those likely to be interested in your product.

3. The emailing services that you use also matters. Some email services and IP addresses are known spammers. Do not use their services lest you want to align your email with their spam.

4. If you are sending the emails on your own, then make sure to clean up your list. The list should be a qualified list of people who opted to receive emails from you. Too many spam complaints can get you in trouble with your ISP. It is the same thing if you are sending a blast to too many addresses, with some being bad addresses. This may use up too much of your ISPs bandwidth.

5. Always have an opt-out link on your emails: One of the requirements in email marketing today is to always have an opt-out link on your emails. Even when the recipient opted into your emailing campaign, he/ she can always change their mind. By having an opt-out link on the email, you are always giving them a choice whether or not they want to receive emails from you. In the end, it should boil down to that anyway, to choice.

These are a few solid rules to get you started. For complete list of rules and a strategy to build an effective email marketing strategy to bring you loads of cash: the Goldmine List! []

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